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Afro Chix

Welcome to Your Natural Hair Oasis! Unlock the Secret to Beautiful, Healthy Hair with Our Range of Natural Products and Expert Services. Embrace Your Unique Beauty – Naturally

What We Offer


Natural Hair Salon Services

Haircuts and Styling: Offering haircuts that cater to natural hair textures and styles, such as afros, curly, coily, and wavy hair.

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Natural Hair Products

we understand the importance of natural, chemical-free hair care. Our carefully crafted Clove Water and Natural Hair Oil combo is your go-to solution for promoting hair health and maintaining your natural hair's stunning beauty.


Braids and Twists

we understand that not all beards are created equal. Coarse, unruly hair deserves special attention and care, which is why we've crafted this Beard Oil tailored to meet the unique needs of your rugged, majestic facial forest.

Upcoming Events

AfroChix Day!
AfroChix Day!
Join us in celebrating your beautiful natural hair on Afro Natural Hair Day! Indulge in a day of pampering and self-love as we treat your locks to the ultimate care. Our expert stylists will wash, condition, deep mask, oil, and twist your hair to perfection.
Time is TBD
2B Mount Pleasant, Frederiksted, St Croix 00840, USVI

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St Croix VI 00840

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Milton, NJ

I've tried several beard oils, but nothing compares to Afro Gents Beard Oil. It tamed my unruly beard, and the scent is amazing. My beard looks and feels healthier than ever!"

Stefanie, STX

I've started using Let's Grow Clove Water as a scalp and hair mist. It's a fantastic refresher and has helped me maintain a healthier scalp. I'm hooked!"

Lynia, STX

As someone with coily hair, I was always on the hunt for the perfect hair oil. The Let's Grow Hair Oil  is it! It promotes growth and keeps my hair hydrated."
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